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Our Physicians


Dr. Aslam

I do for patients, what I would do for my own family, nothing less.

The heart, each time it beats, measures our lives. It is perhaps the only organ in the body that never rests from our birth to our parting from this world. It is the figurative seat of our feelings. It is organized and given life to by unseen minute electrical impulses. Electrophysiology allows me to work on this seemingly mystical property, electricity, to help people live their lives, and chase their dreams. On many levels this specialty fulfills me as a profession.

TCA allows myself, and my colleagues, resources to provide second to none care, to anyone that chooses to seek us from anywhere. This is also why I chose to join TCA, as it has an exceptional track record.

Hobbies and Interests

Faith, family, fitness, photography, adventure travel, and reading dealing with the humanities.

Areas of Specialization

Complex cardiac rhythm management, either by ablation, device or medical therapy, tailored individually for patients.. This includes generally, atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, SVT, pacemakers, ICDs and loop recorders.